About Us

The Branch Group is a privately-owned publishing, research and consulting firm that represents a diverse roster of clients in need of professional “back office” services and solutions.

The Branch Group accomplishes this by leveraging the collective experience, knowledge and skills of an elite group of active and retired professionals and subject experts. Our talent ranges from self-made millionaires to university professors and scientists with doctorate degrees and everything else in between. We are the best non-profit, program management and social-entrepreneurs in the area. We specialize in coaching and impact decision making and provide counsel to non-profit, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, foundations, self-employed, entrepreneurs and corporations. We're experienced in helping private sector companies grow by partnering with community organizations. With a long track record of successful corporate and non-profit projects, our team provides our clients with the support and tools necessary to succeed in today’s complex and competitive social/business environments. Ultimately The Branch Group’s mission is to help organizations fulfill their missions, survive crises, innovate and change the world. So whether you need individual coaching, back-office support, help finishing that book you’ve been planning to write, strategic planning, survey for new business idea, talent management or access to capital/funding, the branch group can do the job.

What We Offer

Our focused expertise in nonprofits makes us particularly experienced in helping you sustain an employee- friendly yet legally compliant workplace
Radio Broadcasting/Talk Show Development, Board Governance, Business Planning, Creative Marketing, Fundraising Hit List
Clear expectations between supervisors and staff of satisfactory job performance are critical to organizational success