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The Branch Group offers the popular Moneyball Series Customized Training created by Cheryl Branch. Through our convenient and easy to use website, Internet Radio station – Accelerated Radio Praise and ‘Ask Cheryl’ Blog– you are quickly connected to cutting-edge support, solutions information, tips and examples right in your home, school, work station, office or anywhere you can access the Internet. The Moneyball Series happens monthly for four months twice per year.  We can conduct training at your site or at another site we arrange. Our aim is to help you “do what you do, better!”  Call our office at 323-273-4586 for an appointment or more information.


The Branch Group (TBG) provides research and publishing assistance to both small and large companies, public and private and faith-based organizations and congregations
We provide resources that fit your organizations needs—today and tomorrow. Whether it’s comprehensive outsourcing support or merely an analysis of an employee handbook
To successfully attract quality candidates, organizations must integrate well-planned pre-recruitment and recruitment activities into their hiring process
Our focused expertise in nonprofits makes us particularly experienced in helping you sustain an employee- friendly yet legally compliant workplace
Our team of non-profit consultants will advise, design and develop a comprehensive action plan including traditional and holistic approaches
Are you ready for Affordable Care Act (ACA) and California Covered? Make certain your human resource policies and practices are legal, helpful and meeting the wants of your organization

How We Work

TBG draws from the talent of both in-house consulting staff and our extensive network of affiliated consultants to create a personalized and dedicated team to serve you
For specialized or technical consulting needs, we have an experienced pool of consultants with demonstrated expertise

Additional Info

From problem definition, data collection, analysis, recommendations and implementation, our company offers affordable solutions and consulting services of the highest quality, with an emphasis on the clients' focus
With a long track record of successful corporate and non-profit projects, our team provides our clients with the support and tools necessary to succeed in today’s complex and competitive social/business environments. Ultimately The Branch Group’s mission is to help organizations fulfill their missions, survive crises, innovate and change the world


Creating Success

We design strategies that create success

Collaborative business projects that promote your businesss

Growth and Opportunity

Evaluation is key to measuring the potential of your businesss

We will consult with you and offer the greatest potential for winning

Consistent Business

Smart planning will keep you on top

Whether small or large, planning is not only crucial, it's fundamental.