Housing Services

Populations Served

Families with children, Single mothers with children, Single fathers with children

Up to 17 years of age, Single Adults, Recently returing veterans, Veterans & Ex offenders

Must be referred by a Housing Agency. Walk-Ins not accepted.

About CMB

CMB is a Special Needs Housing Provider. All housing and supporting services are provided through contractual agreements with funding agencies.

CMB is committed to the homeless populations we serve, and accountable to our contracting partners. As a housing plus provider CMB is able to deliver housing and related services to the target populations we serve as well as maximize agency funding dollars.

CMB understands the challenges facing local communities as the face of the homeless in the community change, and increase - often as funding resources decrease.

Call to schedule a tour of CMB facilities. CMB is available to assist your community.


CMB Vision

It is the vision of CMB to provide housing solutions that re-establish homeless persons to housing permanency. To see communities strengthened through housing solutions that re-establish the displaced, and homeless back to housing permanency in the communities to which they are apart – when possible. 

Where new beginings begin

Providing housing that bridges the homeless to housing permanency.

Community Minded Business (CMB) is a housing provider that serves the homeless community living within Los Angeles County, and surrounding communities.

CMB serves a diverse population of the homeless community including the homeless who require “Special Needs Housing.”
Established in 2005, CMB continues to grow in capacity in order to meet the needs of the target populations in communities it serves – through contracted agencies.


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