Business Ownership Opportunity

Sweet ScentSations is proud to present businesss ownership opportunities to all ambitious individuals seeking a primary or secondary source of income. As a Sweet ScentSations Independent distributor you will gain access to our proprietary blend of premium perfume body oils, home fragrance oils, and our patented scent delivery systems. Sweet ScentSations patented scent delivery systems are designed to scent weddings, homes, businesses, retail locations, offices, restaurants, night clubs, churches, fitness centers, schools, banks, and museums. Our patented scent delivery systems can scent areas from 100 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Sweet ScentSations Independent distributors have the opportunity to generate $500 - $5000 per month. Income is based completelyy on individual effort, commitment, time investment, and performance. Sweet ScentSations is NOT a multi-level marketing opportunityy. Sweet ScentSations is NOT a "get rich quick" opportunity. Sweet ScentSations offers an opportunity to create your own income generating enterprise.
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