Scent Marketing:

Sweet ScentSations assists business owners in the creation of

the perfect ambience throuugh commercial scenting. We

harness the power of emotion linked with smell and put the

"power of scent" to work for the business. We use ambient

scents to lure consumers into your business, which makes

consumers stay longer, make consumers want to return to

your business, and consumers will remember your business

signature scent.

Sweet ScentSations patented cold-air diffusion technology

preserves the integrity of esssential and aroma oils. Released

as a micro mist, scents are both noticeable and efficient in

any size location. Our scent delivery systems are utilized in

retail outlets, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, fitness centers,

homes, museums, theaters, night clubs, weddings and special


Fragrance Distribution:

Sweet ScentSations is an importer, supplier, and distributor of

the finest premium perfume oils and home fragrance oils. We

provide a large assortment of premium perfume oils and

home fragrance oils unmatched in quality, variety and price.

Sweet ScentSations is seeking motivated individuals interested

in becoming Sweet ScentSations Distributors. Our

distributorship opportunities have incredible revenue potential

for persons possessing the entrepreneurial spirit. In today's

tough economic times, Sweet ScentSations distributorship

opportunities can help you "create your own job" and be your

own boss. Idea lfor college students, homemakers, and

individuals seeking supplemental income. 

Sweet ScentSations

Our Business


Sweet ScentSations is a  scent marketing and fragrance distribution company