Scent Distributors  

Sweet ScentSations is seeking individuals interested in partnering for profit. We have opportunities available for retail

distributors and wholesale distributors; but before we discuss distributor opportunities with Sweet ScentSations, please

understand the following: This is not a “get rich quick” business opportunity.

This is an opportunity for individuals who are passionate, motivated and committed to the pursuit of happiness

through business ownership. This opportunity is not a “shortcut” to success, but it is an opportunity to achieve your own

success. Most people cannot endure the “Pain of Success” but if you are one of the selected few that possess the

strength to win and succeed; this is a premiere opportunity for you. Success is not a given, it is earned.

At Sweet ScentSations commitment to educating, communicating, training and motivating our distributors so that

they achieve their financial goals is our chief objective; because at the end of the day, they are business owners

seeking to make a profit.

Sweet ScentSations is a supplier of premium fragrance oils, thus our primary customers are retail distributors. Our

services consist of individual store development plans based on the targeted marketing information provided by the

customer. By evaluating the customer’s foot traffic and the community it serves, Sweet ScentSations will recommend

a product mix most suitable to the retailer’s customer base.

Sweet ScentSations will provide our retail distributors with the following technical assistance:

    Inventory management

    Product movement analysis

    New item introductions

    Customized product assortment

    Competitive analysis

    Pricing recommendations

    Display maintenance

    Volume discounts

    Merchandising assistance

All merchandising services will be performed at no cost to the customer. Our field representatives will conduct weekly

store visits to monitor product movement and address all customer needs. It is our total effort to remain 110 percent

committed to the success of retail distributors. Our continued growth is critically dependent upon the success of our



Sweet ScentSations