Sweet ScentSations
Type of aromatic liquid

Percent of alcohol

15 to 30 %
70 to 85 %
Eau de perfume
8 to 15 %
 80 to 90 %
Eau de toilette
4 to 8 %
80 to 90 %
Eau de cologne
3 to 5 %
70 to 90 %
1 to 3 %
80 to 90 %

The actual scent in a bottle of store bought perfume or cologne costs about 3 to 10 percent of the retail price. For

example if you purchased a bottle of your favorite cologne or perfume at a retail price of $80.00:

    3 to 10 percent or $2.40 to $8.00 is the actual cost of the scent or fragrance

    80 to 90 percent or $64 to $72 is the cost of the packaging, advertisement, sales profit and tax.

Therefore, the majority of your transaction pays for a beautiful bottle and its package.  At Sweet ScentSations, we

believe that the customer should understand how their dollars are being used when purchasing alcohol based

perfumes. Please review the charts below:

Sweet ScentSations is not in the perfume packaging business, nor are we a part of the beautiful bottle business. We

are in the business of providing premium fragrance oils at an affordable price. Our focus on maintaining the lowest

possible bottling costs is derived by the simplicity and efficiency of our fragrance container. Thus, the super majority

of our value is invested in convenience of use, our protective wrapping, and a long lasting great fragrance oil

You cannot wear the package or bottle, so why would you select to spend 80% of your transaction on pretty bottle.

We have provided the following information, expressed completely by industry analysts regarding alcohol-based


Luca Turin, author of “The Secret of the Scent” writes the following: “Bare in mind that 3% or so of the price in the

shop is the smell. The rest is packaging, advertising and margins.”

Chandler Burr, author of “The Emperor of Scent”, writes the following: “Because perfume is about 80 percent dilution

alcohol, which costs nothing – that real cost is 80 percent diluted too. It is generally recognized that only about 3 to

5 percent of a perfume’s tag goes for its smell.”

Valarie Ann WorWood, aurthor of “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy”, writes the following:

“The ingredients in a bottle of store bought perfume or cologne costs about ten percent of the retail price. The rest

is your contribution to packaging, advertising, sales profit, and tax.”

Percent of perfume extract

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