Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing works to create specific responses in the the consumer and scent branding can help to imprint a custom

pleasant smelling scent formula into the memory directly into the consumer’s emotional center.

Research tells us that the sense of smell affects about 75 of our daily emotions , and plays an important role in memory. The

sense of smell is different from the other senses. because it is procesed first by the limibic system, the same part of the brain

resonsible for memory, perceptions, and emaitions. The other senses are first directed throug the analytical part of the brain

before indirectly reaching the emotional sphere. So scent is a more primitive sense, and science is discovering that scent

can play a much larger part in influencing our emotions and decisoins.

Scent can: Enhance mood Increase excitement Enhance learning Trigger memory Enhance recall Reduce error Decrease Anxiety Increase Brand loyalty Trigger desire Cancel or mask unwanted scents What are some unique applications of scent? increase sales: Customers stay longer in a pleasant smelling space. studies have shown an increase in linger time up to 44% Elevate mood: People who feel good during a certain experience create an imprinted memory about that expereice. Revive old memories: Introducing pleasant scents from childhood like baked apple pie, play dough, cut grass or pine needles, can trigger pleasant memories and create a nostalgic experience. Create an emotional response: Pizza, coffee, musk, steak, BBQ, chocolate all trigger positive emotional responses, which may enhance SALES! Sweet ScentSations is the leading provider of scent marketing solutions for brands, hotels, casinos and retailers. Sweet ScentSations scent technology transofrms the perception of your commercial identity and environment as well as enables businesses to create a unique experience by engaging memory and emotions, proven to enhance the appeal of any environment. Our scent delivery systems can be customomized to reflect even the most challenging environments or brand. Sweet ScentSation’s machines lead the market when it comes to application, flexibility, quality and design. We use cold-air diffusion technology, which preserves the integrity of essential and aroma oils. The systems release scents in a form of micro-mist to ensure precise diffusion that is both noticeable and efficient in any size location.
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